We are the corporate housing provider catering to corporate agencies and companies that move their teams

We offer you the best alternative in finding and booking temporary accommodation, with more than 120,000 apartments in more than 65 countries. To facilitate the booking and management process, our management platform allows us to digitize, streamline, automate and customize in an agile and simple way: the offer, comparison and selection of apartments for employees and large teams.

  • Platform All in One
  • Flexible monthly payments
  • Wide selection of Apartool Homes
  • Dedicated professional
  • Response within 24 hours*
  • 48-hour blocking*
  • Management of large teams
  • No Deposits*
  • Personalized online quotation

We simplify corporate housing, find out how.

Apartool makes it easy

Apartool revolutionizes the way you manage the needs of your corporate travelers, offering the right opportunities and services to enhance the experience from start to finish. In this way, we can make life easier for the people who will be involved in the process, whether they are agencies, suppliers or ourselves. Why complicate things? 

Standardization of payment and cancellation policies

Dedicated Account Manager

Flexibility in the event of unforeseen circumstances, force majeure, etc.

Utmost speed in management

Standard payment currency

Tailor-made and personalized quotations

Streamlined payment and invoicing

Complete buildings for teams

Specialists in large projects

From five relocated consultants to +200 new hires with temporary accommodation needs. Pool your temporary accommodation needs and bookings for large teams in one place.

All in one place

Easy management of large teams

Fast, simple and effective

Organized invoices

100% dedicated Apartool agent

Discover Katana

Apartool enables the entire management of finding and booking temporary accommodation to be digitized in a streamlined and simple way. You request, we offer and you choose. Nothing else.

Create 100% online quotations fully customized and available in several languages. Control all your reservations from a single place and manage them effortlessly.

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Tell us what you are looking for

We specialize in temporary corporate accommodation in a host of destinations.

Period of stay

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Do you need anything else?

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Traveling with pets

Other requirements

We take responsibility

We study the request and send between one and five options based on your requirements. You choose the option that best suits you and we also offer the possibility to customize it:

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Once the quotation has been confirmed

We send the necessary documentation for the stay

We provide instructions on how to get to the apartment

We offer assistance and support throughout your stay

May we help you? Find your temporary accommodation

Do you want to start using our platform?

Apartool Homes

Our hallmark of quality

We have adapted and reinvented ourselves by standardizing the conditions and services of our Apartool Homes, ensuring the comfort, enjoyment, functionality and accessibility of being at home for relocated workers and large teams.

No matter what the destination, an Apartool Home will always be an Apartool Home.


Product selected and validated by our team to meet the requirements of a corporate stay.

Ready for living in

100% equipped and furnished apartments, ready to move in to.

On-site support

You will always have 24/7 telephone or face-to-face assistance for any unforeseen event that may arise.


High speed




At Apartool we are delighted to welcome you as you would be at home, either physically or virtually, to have a chat with you. Contact us through the contact form, either to arrange a meeting, to give you trial access to our platform or simply to help you resolve your queries.

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