The Relocation reaffirms its boom in the EURA event

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From May 31 to June 3, Seville hosted the great event organized by EURA, attended by more than 700 guests. It became very clear that relocation agencies are waking up after months of hiatus and this year they show a boom in the sector with the intensification of corporate projects.

Relocation Agencies, the main protagonists

It was very gratifying to listen to the main voices of the relocation agencies and discover their concerns. One of the great challenges in this sector has always been to find efficiency by providing a large number of services (visas, removals, medical insurance, assistance to the displaced and relatives, citytour…).

For this reason, to achieve the success of any project it is very important to outsource some aspects, such as temporary accommodation. To do this, Apartool has proven to be the best partner for this type of agency. We specialize in the search and management of temporary corporate accommodation, allowing relocation agencies to focus on the aspects of their activity where they add the most value.

The presence of Apartool in EURA

Apartool is a provider and member of EURA. We present ourselves as a very useful partner for agencies that need to quickly find temporary apartments with personalized services. In addition, we greatly relieve the workload of these professionals by taking care of the procedures derived from the entire process.

At the event we have had an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with leading relocation agencies in the markets in which we are currently present, such as Spain, Portugal, France and Germany, as well as Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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