Advantages of corporate rental VS hotel room

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More and more people want to take advantage of the benefits of corporate renting for comfortable, homely, quiet residential space at a lower rental price.

In this regard, Spain’s major cities, such as Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, have hotel room rental prices of between €107 and €150 per night, which is too high for a corporate company.

So a cheaper alternative is certainly a necessity.

Well, today we want to talk to you about this excellent alternative to hotels: corporate rentals.

Let’s see what this modality consists of and what its advantages are.

What is corporate leasing?

It is a solution to the need for temporary accommodation for people, especially corporate and business people, who are looking for a place to stay that is comfortable and cheap.

In fact, studies show that people who stay in home-like spaces tend to be more efficient in their jobs and suffer less work stress.

For this reason, more and more Spaniards are choosing to hire corporate rental services to stay in comfort.

Advantages of corporate rental VS hotel room

We can highlight a number of benefits and advantages of corporate rentals, with the human touch, personalised service and lower prices than hotel rooms being the most prominent.

Let’s look at each of the advantages of seasonal accommodation vs. hotel rooms.

1. Long-term corporate rent is cheaper than hotel rooms

If you have to stay for a couple of days because you are going to do some quick business, a hotel room may be your best option.

However, when your stay extends to two weeks or more, thinking about corporate renting can help you save a lot of money.

For example, if a hotel costs between 107 and 150 euros per night, a temporary residence is between 1,400 and 2,000 euros per month, or between 46.67 and 66.67 euros per day.

And this represents an incomparable financial saving for you.

This is one of the best advantages of corporate leasing, especially when you are a corporate person who wants to excel in your own business and save as much money as possible.

2. Corporate leasing provides more convenience

Another of the excellent advantages of corporate renting is that each of the properties rented are ready to move into, which means you won’t have to spend a single euro on furniture.

They are 100% furnished and have all the necessary elements in each room to make your time in this residence unforgettable.

You will have at your disposal, among other things, kitchen supplies, wifi, electrical appliances, bed linen, good decoration, towels, electronic devices and warm spaces for your activities.

It’s like having a home away from your real home, an extension of that little piece of paradise that helps you to be happy every day.

3. There is more hygiene and sanitation with corporate renting.

Think about this: how many people a month come to a hotel room.

Now think of all the bacteria and micro-organisms that these people leave behind, and no matter how hygienic the hotel is, there are spaces in the rooms that always harbour bacteria from people.

However, long-term housing is inhabited by very few people because their stay is prolonged.

This means there is less chance of bacteria or diseases being left behind that could affect you and your family in the future.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best advantages of corporate renting because it shows you that you can enjoy better health with this residency option.

4. The treatment of the corporate temporary rental is personalised to the tenant.

Getting good service when you rent a flat is a necessity, not a luxury.

Well, if you have stayed in hotels or rented flats, you will know that good service from managers or tenants is conspicuous by its absence, it is not there, it does not exist.

They make you wait for hours to help you with your need.

On the other hand, taking advantage of corporate leasing will allow you to get the help you need in the shortest possible time, without having to wait too long for it.

You will have a personalised service with respectful treatment that will make you feel comfortable and appreciated in your temporary accommodation.

5. Better location of housing with temporary rental

Hotels are located in tourist areas and city centres, where the priority for visitors is to be close to the best attractions of the city to enjoy its cultural attractions.

But if you are a corporate worker, how important would it be for you to be close to tourism?

Wouldn’t it be more productive to stay near the industrial area of the city to be close to your work or the usual business areas for you?

One of the advantages of corporate renting is that the residences are always located very close to the places where workers and business people are most likely to be.

This way, you won’t waste time getting to work or to an important business meeting.

6. Corporate leases are more flexible in duration.

The rental contracts for entrepreneurs, corporate and workers are flexible in terms of time and can be customised to the client’s needs without making them spend more money than budgeted.

You can choose how long you want to stay and, if you need to extend your stay, you can do so without any problems.

On the other hand, you always have the option to read the terms of the contract before signing it and negotiate to get a better deal.

But, with hotel rooms you can’t do this.

In fact, there are occasions when they rent you a room for X amount of time and, if you want to extend your stay, they tell you that it has already been rented to someone else who will use it when you leave.

And, of course, it is difficult to get hotels that allow you to stay for several months, as you can by taking advantage of corporate rentals.

7. More corporate flat options

Depending on your needs and the number of members of your family, you will find a temporary home that suits your circumstances.

This means that, if you are single and live alone, the temporary rental managers will find you a studio or small flat to settle you in as comfortably as possible.

But what if your family is large and you need a spacious home with several rooms?

Well, another advantage of corporate rental is that they will find you a space of the right size and with the perfect conditions for you and your family to be comfortable.

8. Corporate rentals allow pets; hotels do not

And finally, if you are an animal lover and have a pet, a hotel will not allow you to keep it there, except for some luxury hotels that very rarely allow pets.

And, if they do, the cost rises.

On the contrary, with corporate rentals you can have the pet of your choice because they are more flexible and you will have the possibility to have the elements you need to be well.

Now that you know the advantages of corporate rental, you are probably thinking about hiring this service when you need it. Well, it will be a decision you won’t regret.

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