Production: filming a series

One of the largest film and series production companies in Spain was shooting a new production in Barcelona and, as usual, asked Apartool for temporary accommodation for all the team involved.

A team of 20 people involved in the filming of the series, including camera operators, scriptwriters and actors, were relocated to Barcelona and the surrounding area.

4 months

20 people

Estel Jorba from Apartool’s reservations team tells us first hand how we were able to offer temporary rental apartments that met their needs, thereby accommodating all the people involved in the shoot.

Filming a series in Barcelona – We accommodate a crew of 20 people

My name is Estel and I’ve been part of the Apartool team for a year and a half.

As a reservation agent in the Booking team, I manage all kinds of corporate requests: individual travel, large crews, production company shoots and a host of other requests.

Basically, every day brings a new adventure with every request. We understand that every situation is different and this is why we always offer personalized service.

Our goal is to always meet the requirements of each client, offering a standardised but flexible, meticulous and detailed service in accordance with the needs of each case.

The challenge

Series shooting in Barcelona

As part of the Booking team at Apartool, every day my colleagues  and I face new challenges, which we endeavour to solve quickly and efficiently.

However, I remember one project in particular that was very special as it was one of the first film shoots I experienced as a booking agent at Apartool.

It was a project involving a team of 20 people relocated to Barcelona and the surrounding area, requested by one of the biggest film and series production companies operating at a Spanish and international level.

It was quite a challenge because, at the beginning, they hadn’t decided either the specific dates or the exact number of relocated people. The production company needed an urgent accommodation proposal and, on the one hand, it is true that in the city of Barcelona we have many Apartool Homes with which we could quickly meet the needs of the production. But on the other hand, in this case we were asked for very specific apartments in locations around Barcelona for filming the exteriors of the series.

Without being able to give many details about when it would be, or how many apartments and villas we would need, we urgently contacted all the possible Apartool Homes around Barcelona.

The solution

After a great deal of negotiation, we obtained the necessary availability in Barcelona and the surrounding area.

Thus, we presented a potential proposal with several scenarios to the production company.

In this way, we covered the possible situations that could arise depending on the changes of dates and relocations depending on the needs that might arise during the shooting. We understood from the outset that these types of requests can change and we tailored ourselves to the flexibility required by the project.

How Apartool and its technology have helped

While it may have seemed like organisational chaos, with our know-how in project management and large groups, and the new technology implemented at Apartool, it was a pleasure to submit the proposal in a concise, practical and totally understandable way for the client.

This was possible to a large extent thanks to the project management tool implemented on Katana.

With this mechanism, you can integrate all the available products with dates and rates, so that in a very visual way, you can see all the accommodation offered by dates, including the rate, photographs of the accommodation, the services included and even a map to locate the apartment in the proposal without having to use other tools.

You can also use the “Summary” section where you can find a practical and well-ordered recap of all the accommodation offered.

The fact is that Katana’s versatility is incredible and very functional for large groups with special and changing needs such as those found with film shoots. It’s very useful for the Booking team but even more so for our customers.

Opinion on the future of corporate housing

One of the requests that production companies put to us most is to have communal spaces where they can work during filming but at the same time preserve their privacy.

At Apartool we always strive to ensure the comfort of our customers and we offer solutions such as entire buildings of individual apartments but with shared spaces where the whole team can work together without the need to use other public spaces.

In addition, there are other alternatives such as detached houses divided into teams so they can work as a global team but also as sub-teams in a more private way in the shared areas of each section.

I believe that there are certain creature comforts when you’re working away from home that are nowadays essential: having your own kitchen, washing machine, your own teleworking space and above all, retaining some privacy as if you were at home; these are services that more and more production firms and other companies are asking us for their relocated workers.

I believe that the business trend will continue prizing all these qualities on offer from corporate housing and it will thus continue growing in the coming years.

As a member of the Apartool team I hope to continue growing with this trend and to keep learning about corporate housing for many, many years to come!