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Temporary rental agreement: what is it and how does it work?

More and more tenants are offering temporary rental contracts and more and more tenants want to rent under this type of lease. But what are the advantages of temporary rentals and why do so many people consider it their best alternative? In this article, we will not only explain what a temporary rental contract is, […]

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Tips for choosing the best temporary accommodation for your employees

Today we bring you a list of tips on how to choose the best temporary accommodation for your employees because, come on, you probably already know the countless benefits they have, but it’s not easy to choose one. It is not easy to choose the best temporary accommodation for your employees and for you as […]

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Advantages of corporate rental VS hotel room

More and more people want to take advantage of the benefits of corporate renting for comfortable, homely, quiet residential space at a lower rental price. In this regard, Spain’s major cities, such as Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, have hotel room rental prices of between €107 and €150 per night, which is too high for a […]

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5 effective tactics to overcome the rise in prices in Business Travel

The increase in prices in business travel is a reality that affects many companies. Here are the 5 main reasons behind the rise in prices and what measures you can take to avoid it: 1. Increase in CPI The consumer price index (CPI) is a key indicator of widespread price increases. In Spain, the annual […]

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3 hacks to save time in business travel accommodation management

Stop waiting five days for results, reduce your booking reservation time for corporate housing to an average of 2.2 days. The search for temporary accommodation is often a time-consuming process, and as they say, “time is money.” Choosing a good partner will help simplify this process and save time. Here are three reasons why relying […]

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10 advantages of housing your workers in equipped temporary accommodation

There are many advantages to housing your workers in equipped temporary accommodation, including reduced costs, improved quality of life and increased worker productivity. In fact, equipped temporary accommodation is an increasingly popular option for companies that need to relocate their employees for work purposes. The flats are rented on a monthly basis, are well furnished […]

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Discover the 10 best places to live in Madrid

Posted workers need to know the best places to live in Madrid to save money and live comfortably for the duration of their work in another country. And the reality is that Madrid has very expensive areas because it is a very busy city in Spain. It is therefore very important that you know how […]

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3 things you can’t miss from EURA 2023

On April 25th and 28th, Dublin was the venue for a major event organized by EURA that attracted over 750 professionals. The event primarily focused on the latest trends and strategies in the relocation market. As an attendee, Apartool had the privilege of strengthening our connections with the leading relocation agencies in the markets where […]

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What is the mid-term rental?

Landlords earn up to 30% more income with mid-term rentals and, on top of that, they are not covered by the Housing Law, which is why this type of rental is a trend in Spain. And you, have you ever wondered what is the difference between a short term rental and a medium term rental, […]

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What is the difference between an expatriate and a migrant?

Knowing the difference between an expatriate and a migrant is the key to treating these groups of people in a more respectful way, and if you are part of one of these groups, you will know what your rights and duties are. In this article, we will talk about all those differential factors that relate […]

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