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The past, present and future of Corporate Housing digitalization

Anyone familiarized with the industry already knows how things were done before the digitization of Corporate Housing. The lack of real time information on apartment availability and the many friction points during the booking process have always been main business pains. Who doesn’t remember how obsolete communication used to be between all players involved? Accommodation […]

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The 5 things business travelers should consider when choosing their accommodation

We have compiled the requirements most desired by companies for their employees’ temporary stays.  Temporary corporate stays are gaining ground in more and more destinations. Many companies are looking for fully equipped flats for their employees to stay in for several months to make them feel at home. Temporary stays are always expected to have […]

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The search for new preferences in corporate accommodation confirms the rise in temporary business travel

Business travelers tend to extend their temporary stay and reaffirm their preferences to stay in better equipped and serviced apartments.  According to the article Business Travel Trends by Finances Online, more than 70% of the new generation of business travelers prefer to stay in fully equipped temporary accommodations, especially for stays longer than a month. […]

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