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Apartool is much more than you can imagine.

What is our purpose

We simplify corporate accommodation: we help people feel at home wherever they need to travel for work.

We believe that housing should not limit how, where and when business is done: our mission is to create a global corporate accommodation brand that is indispensable to companies and desired by relocated employees.

We aim to set new standards in temporary accommodation, comfort and convenience for corporate agencies, relocated personnel and business travelers: no matter the destination or the continent they travel to, our Apartool Homes will always offer the same booking process, through the same unique technology, with the same services and the same payment and cancellation policies. It’s as simple as that.

That’s why we have created a new, modern mode of housing, making it easy to live well, reliably, safely, comfortably and even stylishly, anywhere, anytime.

We are a solution to a paradigm shift

At the heart of everything we do are our people: our customers, partners and our Apartool team. We would be nothing without them.

That’s what our founders knew when they started Apartool in 2015, with a very clear goal: to make the corporate renting of homes easier.

The goal then, and now, was and is to eliminate the stress endured by the agency or company in the task of finding housing for its employees and teams. Apartool is a growing global team of experts in tourism, real estate, engineers, developers, designers and travelers, with a vision of making people feel at home wherever they need to travel for work.


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