10 advantages of housing your workers in equipped temporary accommodation

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There are many advantages to housing your workers in equipped temporary accommodation, including reduced costs, improved quality of life and increased worker productivity.

In fact, equipped temporary accommodation is an increasingly popular option for companies that need to relocate their employees for work purposes.

The flats are rented on a monthly basis, are well furnished and have all the services and amenities necessary for a comfortable and productive stay.

Well, in this post we will show you the 10 advantages of an equipped home for you and your workers. Let’s start.

10 advantages of housing your workers in equipped temporary accommodation

The 10 benefits of well-equipped temporary housing for businesses are as follows:

1. Equipped temporary accommodation is more economical

The most important of the advantages of housing your workers in equipped temporary accommodation is the financial savings it represents.

Compared to hotels, which tend to have higher daily rates, temporary accommodation offers more competitive prices, especially for longer stays.

In addition, because they are equipped, your employees do not have to worry about buying or renting appliances and furniture, which also reduces additional costs.

On the other hand, as everything is included in the price (water, electricity, internet, etc.), you won’t have to worry about utility costs or unforeseen expenses. And if you want an invoice, you will have it without any problems.

2. You have a house ready to move into

With a fully equipped home, your employees will be able to move in from day one without having to worry about having to buy basic necessities.

Everything you need for a comfortable and pleasant stay will already be in the flat, from bed linen and towels to the kitchen complete with utensils, furniture and electrical appliances.

This makes the moving process much easier and allows your employees to focus on their work, as well as making the adjustment easier and less traumatic for the employee and his or her family.

3. You have tenant support and care

Another advantage of hosting your workers in equipped temporary accommodation is that you have the support of a company that takes care of the whole process.

This includes a customer service that will be available to resolve any incident or doubt that may arise during the stay of your workers.

This peace of mind and added support are benefits not always found in other types of accommodation.

This is because, in addition to paying for temporary housing, you are paying for the care and assistance service.

Then, if there is any breakdown or damage to the property, the owner or the management company will take care of repairing it as soon as possible.

4. In most cases, you have a better accommodation location.

Equipped housing also offers a strategic location for workers.

In fact, temporary accommodation companies often offer housing in locations close to business, shopping and leisure areas.

This makes it easier for your employees to commute to work and allows them to enjoy their free time without having to travel long distances.

Also, being located in residential areas, your employees will have a more authentic experience and closer to the local culture.

5. More peace of mind and productivity at work

An equipped temporary housing allows your workers to have a private and quiet space where they can rest and disconnect after the working day.

Yes, unlike hotels, where you often share common spaces with other guests, temporary accommodation offers a more homely and relaxed atmosphere.

This promotes concentration and productivity at work, while improving the quality of life of your employees.

This is one of the best advantages of housing your workers in equipped temporary accommodation because, come on, you want maximum productivity for the duration of your employee’s work assignment.

6. You have flexible duration contracts

It should also be noted that furnished housing is more flexible in terms of rental contracts than traditional housing.

This allows the duration of the stay to be adapted to the specific needs of each employee and work project, without having to commit to long periods of time.

In addition, in case of changes or unforeseen events, it is easier to modify the dates of entry and exit, which facilitates the logistics and planning of your employees.

And, of course, this also reduces costs.

7. You have a variety of temporary accommodation options to choose from

Another advantage of housing your workers in equipped temporary accommodation is that you will have a wide range of housing to choose from.

Yes, as you read, you can find everything from small flats to large houses.

You can also choose from different styles, designs and qualities, depending on your worker’s preferences and your accommodation budget.

And best of all, you can see the photos and features of each property before you book it, to make sure it meets your expectations.

8. Employees can bring their pets

Pets are allowed in many equipped temporary accommodations.

This is very useful for those employees who travel with their furry companions and wish to keep them close during their stay abroad.

Yes, they are part of the family and the workers don’t want to leave them.

This possibility not only brings comfort to your workers, but also gives them a greater sense of well-being and emotional stability by keeping their beloved pets close by.

9. Accommodating employees and their families with housing

Nine of our advantages of housing your employees in equipped temporary accommodation is that these stays are tailored to the needs of employees and their families, offering a home away from home.

Thus, the temporary housing has the appropriate rooms according to the size of the family and all the rooms that are required for a homely and pleasant atmosphere.

In addition, by having common areas such as living room and kitchen, families can maintain their routines and live together in a more natural way.

10. Improve your company’s image

Finally, by offering equipped temporary accommodation to your employees, you are demonstrating a commitment to their well-being and quality of life.

This concern for the comfort of your employees reinforces the image of your company, attracting new talent and building loyalty among current employees.

And, of course, an employee who is satisfied and comfortable with his or her accommodation will be more productive and better able to represent the company on business trips.

Do you want to hire equipped temporary accommodation for your employees?

You already know the many advantages of housing your workers in equipped temporary accommodation.

Now, all that remains is to take the plunge and choose the best option for your employees and their well-being.

Don’t hesitate to investigate further the possibilities offered by this type of housing and how it can improve the work experience of your employees when travelling abroad.

And we can help you enjoy all the benefits of housing your workers in fully equipped temporary accommodation. Contact us.

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