4 reasons to go for corporate housing

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The business travel market will have grown by 188% by 2028. And, as a result, the corporate flat rentals are gaining momentum, with corporate housing being the option of choice for most companies and travel agencies. Corporate housing is the option chosen by most companies and travel agencies. Fully equipped rental flats with additional services, for medium/long term stays and for people travelling for professional reasons.

The renting of flats for companies has many advantages that are making it a trend that any company or travel agency is becoming a trend that every property owner should appreciate.

And you may ask yourself, what are the advantages for which I, as a landlord, should go for corporate housing? Here are 4 of the many advantages.

1. Greater profitability compared to a traditional rental

Renting for business trips means a lower management cost and time saving compared to tourist rentals, as it is compared to tourist rentals, as they are for medium/long-term stays, mostly of more than one month. Fewer resources are used in the management of management, customer search, check-in, check-out, incidents and maintenance of the accommodation.

2. Payment guarantee

A type of financial commitment that requires the customer to pay the agreed amount at the agreed time. the agreed time. In our case, payments are made by the companies, and not by the guests which means increased ability to pay, regularity of payments, and therefore confidence and, therefore, confidence and peace of mind.

3. Loyalty with the client or hosted company

The possibility of creating a bond of loyalty with the guest or company. Loyalty is key because it allows for greater profitability in the long term, since loyal customers tend to buy more loyal customers tend to buy more, often and to recommend your accommodation. The fact that you and the company they belong to and the length of time they stay in your apartment allows you to create a bond in your flat allows you to create a bond of loyalty.

4. Higher occupancy rate

This indicator is a barometer of success in achieving bookings. It also allows you to compare results and know your your average stay. The percentage of nights that your property is rented over a period of time is high? This translates into better performance and profitability of the accommodation.

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