Technological project

A travel agency was looking for accommodation in the city of Sagunto for 45 employees of a Nordic technology company. The employees were to work in a business park in the area for a period of 1 year.

1 year

45 employees

We found individual accommodations for each employee located in the same buildings or very close to each other. In addition, as requested by the agency, we obtained a cancellation policy of less than 24 hours as well as all requested services.

The search for the perfect apartment can be tedious. Dealing with all the management procedures and hospitality contracts is not an easy task. For us, it is one of the processes that take the longest and makes us waste the most time. That is why we decided to go with Apartool this time. We saved a lot of time and avoided many inconveniences when it came to looking for and finding the perfect accommodation. 

The Challenge

The travel agency needed to find 45 individual apartments in the same residential area, with reception service and less than half an hour’s drive from the workplace. In addition, it was necessary that there would be parking in the area and a flexible cancellation policy of less than 24 hours.

As this was such a long term stay, it was likely that new employees would be arriving throughout the stay, which meant that we needed to have availability of a few more apartments.  

The Solution

Apartool managed to provide us with all the individual accommodations requested for 1 year stays. Location was very important to our client and thanks to them, we were able to accommodate the employees in apartments in buildings in the same residential complex with parking included. In addition, the apartments were located very close to the workplace by car, which was one of the points we emphasized a lot.

In terms of services, the buildings had a receptionist, weekly cleaning and 24-hour service for possible incidents, all included in a single rate. During the stay, more workers came to stay with us, which was not a problem, as we were able to book extra individual apartments. 

Apartool adapts to your team’s accommodation needs

We have hosted workers for very different business projects with very different requirements. Apartool has more than 120,000 apartments available worldwide, adapting to the diverse requests of our clients. Our wide network of services and accommodations allows us to have great flexibility when it comes to finding the option that best suits each case.

Opinión sobre el futuro del corporate housing

Como he comentado anteriormente, nuestros clientes, cada vez más, nos están solicitando apartamentos para cubrir sus necesidades de alojamiento temporal. En nuestra agencia contábamos con cadenas hoteleras que tenían “kitchenette” en algunos de sus alojamientos turísticos; pero por supuesto esto no hace que las personas desplazadas se sientan como en casa. 

Gracias al auge de plataformas colaborativas y dedicadas al cliente final como son Airbnb o Homeaway, el apartamento se ha convertido en una tendencia a nivel global; pero estas plataformas no cubren las necesidades del cliente corporativo ni mucho menos de la agencia de viajes. Por lo que hacía falta una solución adaptada y pensada únicamente para este segmento.