Hassle-Free Filming: Corporate Accommodation for Film Production in Alicante

May 31, 2024
3 minute read

The challenge: accommodation for a production company with specific needs

A production company was faced with the task of housing more than 90 crew, crew, production staff and actors during a three-month project to shoot a new film. In addition to the need to house the entire crew in one location, the project required not only convenience and proximity to filming locations but also the flexibility to accommodate last-minute production changes, sports facilities and fully equipped flats with high-speed internet.

90 days
+90 crew members

The Solution: Fully equipped flats, with spaces for sports and close to the recording locations.

At Apartool, with our extensive experience in corporate accommodation, we approached the task with the aim of providing an effective solution. We worked closely with the production company to understand their specific needs, which included a combination of individual and shared flats, sports facilities, as well as gym areas for the crew and the ability to extend the stay if required. We presented over 8 properties, all within a comfortable distance of the main filming locations. Each accommodation was assessed not only for its comfort and style, but also for its ability to accommodate the dynamic life of a production crew.

The flats, both individual and shared, offered flexibility, allowing team members to choose their preferred lifestyle, whether in private spaces for greater concentration or in shared areas to encourage teamwork. Sports and fitness areas were equipped with modern equipment, offering a healthy environment and an escape from the intense daily routine of film production. In addition, each flat was guaranteed to be equipped with high-speed internet: this was essential not only for daily team coordination, but also to facilitate remote meetings, large video file downloads and digital collaboration.

Result: Optimised Management and Worker Comfort

Thanks to the good understanding between the Apartool team and the production company, we were able to overcome the challenges related to the accommodation of their team. The variety of options offered allowed the company to choose the option that best suited their specific needs, resulting in a more flexible accommodation experience. All this, quickly and safely: in less than 48 hours the production company had the first accommodation proposals, and within 5 days the final combinations of equipped flats were proposed taking into account the guests' specifications and the need for joint services.

With a customised approach, we were able to establish a production team in Alicante that found everything they needed in each flat. Understanding the unpredictable nature of the film industry, Apartool implemented an agreement between the supplier and the production company that consisted of a flexibility policy that allowed for quick adaptations to unexpected changes in production schedules. At Apartool, we guaranteed agile responses and seamless solutions, ensuring that productivity was not compromised.

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