Technological multinational

A relocation agency needed to find accommodation for 33 employees of a large technology multinational in Regensburg (Germany), a city with a scarce supply of temporary apartments.

6 meses

33 empleados

Despite the shortage of apartments available, we managed to accommodate the employees in individual apartments. We also unified all terms and conditions and derived contracts so that the agency did not have to worry about anything. The client had not yet worked with us and was very happy.

The challenge

Accommodating 33 displaced workers in a city as small as Regensburg was a challenge, but our team worked hand in hand to accommodate the entire workforce. Once we received the relocation agency’s request, we started working on several proposals to suit their accommodation needs.

The Solution

We managed to include all requested services such as Wi-Fi and weekly cleaning in each apartment. Apartool made our experience stress-free. We did not have to worry about any possible incidents affecting our stay since they provided a 24h customer service hotline. We did not even have a problem dealing with any invoice or payment management, as they were all integrated into a single tarif.

Technology companies

Large multinational companies in the technology sector usually move large groups of professionals to different destinations around the world. In many of these locations there is the same problem as in Regensburg, they are very small and uncrowded cities, which can be a drawback when it comes to finding temporary accommodation for work teams. 

Apartool’s commitment is to do everything possible to accommodate displaced persons within the timeframe established by the relocation agency. Dozens of agencies and companies already trust us thanks to our wide network of apartments and service providers that have allowed us to establish ourselves in thousands of locations. 

One of these locations is Regensburg (Germany), a clear example of how Apartool can find accommodation in small cities with little availability of apartments to accommodate a large number of people.