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We have had the pleasure of managing the accommodation of leading companies’ employees and teams. For us, each case is unique, so let us tell you about some of them.

Production: filming a series

One of the largest film and series production companies in Spain was shooting a new production in Barcelona and, as usual, asked Apartool for temporary accommodation for all the team involved.

A team of 20 people involved in the filming of the series, including camera operators, scriptwriters and actors, were relocated to Barcelona and the surrounding area.

4 months

20 people

Estel Jorba from Apartool’s reservations team tells us first hand how we were able to offer temporary rental apartments that met their needs, thereby accommodating all the people involved in the shoot.

Industrial Project – France

The challenge consisted of accommodating 28 technicians from a Spanish infrastructure and renewable energy company, who were traveling to France for 90 days to carry out the maintenance of a nuclear power plant.

3 months

28 employees

In less than 48 hours we sent them an online quote with two single and 13 two-bedroom Apartool Homes, which immediately matched the location, services and price… In addition, we negotiated beers at €1 each for their three-month stay; but don’t tell anyone. 

Relocated executive Mallorca

A Portuguese consumer goods company relocated an executive to Palma de Mallorca for eight months to lead a project at its Balearic subsidiary. The temporary accommodation was to be no more than a 15-minute walk from the firm’s office and they had a set budget. 

8 months

1 executive

In just 25 minutes the company’s Travel Manager received an online quote with three Apartool Homes that met the requirements; the proposal was forwarded on to the executive who immediately accepted the apartment she liked most. She and her cat were both delighted with the accommodation.

71 developers- Málaga

The multinational leader in cloud applications and platforms opened a new technological space in Málaga city and had to accommodate developers from a range of different countries. 

5 months

71 developers

They bundled together all their temporary accommodation needs and bookings on our Katana platform, so they could focus exclusively on delivering a good onboarding process. As requested, we grouped all the new hires in three buildings within 200 meters of each other.

Pharmaceutical distribution centre

One of the largest corporate travel agencies in Spain managed the travel and temporary accommodation required for automating a pharmaceutical company’s logistics centre in Spain.

6 months

34 professionals

Using the Apartool platform they requested, compared and confirmed all their accommodation needs in less than 48 hours. In addition, the system served them as a “rooming organiser” for the entire stay, and invoicing was “a piece of cake” according to our client.

Technological project

A travel agency was looking for accommodation in the city of Sagunto for 45 employees of a Nordic technology company. The employees were to work in a business park in the area for a period of 1 year.

1 year

45 employees

We found individual accommodations for each employee located in the same buildings or very close to each other. In addition, as requested by the agency, we obtained a cancellation policy of less than 24 hours as well as all requested services.

Technological multinational

A relocation agency needed to find accommodation for 33 employees of a large technology multinational in Regensburg (Germany), a city with a scarce supply of temporary apartments.

6 months

33 employees

Despite the shortage of apartments available, we managed to accommodate the employees in individual apartments. We also unified all terms and conditions and derived contracts so that the agency did not have to worry about anything. The client had not yet worked with us and was very happy.

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