Relocated executive

A Portuguese consumer goods company sent an executive to Palma de Mallorca for eight months to lead a project at its Balearic subsidiary. The location of her temporary housing was to be no more than a 15-minute walk from the firm’s offices and they had a fixed budget.

8 months

1 executive

In just 25 minutes the company’s Travel Manager received an online quote with three Apartool Homes that met her requirements, and sent the proposal to the executive, who immediately accepted the apartment she liked the most. She and her cat were both delighted with the accommodation.

My name’s Renata and I’m part of the booking team for a Portuguese member agency of the Associação Portuguesa das Agências de Viagens e Turismo. At our agency, we coordinate both business and leisure trips for our client companies and their teams.

Although 73% of our bookings are currently domestic (Portugal), we very frequently book international destinations: in Europe and beyond.

The challenge

A FMCG company headquartered in Portugal with distribution in Europe relocated a female executive to Palma de Mallorca for a period of eight months. Due to not having a private vehicle she would be walking to the offices, so the location of her accommodation had to be within a 15-minute walk. The budget available was limited by the executive’s rank in the company, something that is strictly determined by company policies.

The solution

For months we have been working with Apartool on monthly bookings in business centres such as Quinta da Fonte and Lagoas Park in Lisbon and Taguspark in Porto Salvo.

Since I knew that their headquarters are in Spain and they offer apartments in cities internationally, I asked them for a furnished apartment for this project.

I filled out the request in my Katana account with all the criteria that had to be met. As always, I immediately received an email confirming that the request had been logged correctly. I don’t know if it was thanks to technology or to the fact that Mallorca is a very common destination for Apartool, but in just 25 minutes I received a proposal for three Apartool Homes that matched the budget; I forwarded the link to the Travel Manager so she could choose the best option, and in less than an hour everything was confirmed.

The check-in day was a success and the woman enjoyed her apartment with terrace and views for the eight months the stay lasted.

How Apartool and its technology has helped

Apartool’s team and platform keep the information flowing and help us organise the details of our projects: at any point in the client’s stay, and even before or after, we have the details of what we order, what we confirm and the monthly payments at our fingertips.

The most important thing for us is that the proposals are homogeneous and include all the necessary services. Every day we move corporate travellers around the world and we can’t afford to waste time with ill-organised searches.

In addition, stays that do not take place at hotels have always posed a challenge. The fact that this type of serviced, modern and fully-equipped apartment exists simplifies things for us. Thus, the person we relocate does not need to furnish the apartment, bother about WiFi or utility consumption, leave deposits with a real estate agency, or have any hassle with sheets, towels, plates, glasses, frying pans, etc.

Opinion on the future of corporate housing

In Portugal the pandemic has hit us very hard. Corporate travel has come to a complete halt and the recovery has been much slower than in most European countries.
In spite of this, Portugal remains a very attractive country for large corporations, for various reasons, and they are setting themselves up notably at business parks such as Lagoas Park, Taguspark and Quinta da Fonte. Their arrival generates a huge increase in the demand for corporate housing for long stays, so I personally foresee an exponential potential for corporate housing here in Portugal.