71 software developers

The multinational leader in cloud applications and platforms opened a new technological hub in Málaga city and had to accommodate developers from a range of different countries.

5 months

71 developers

They unified all their temporary housing needs and bookings on our Katana platform, so they could focus exclusively on organising effective onboarding. As requested, we grouped together all the new hires in three buildings within 200 metres of each other.

At our relocation agency we are specialists in managing the geographical mobility of workers. We provide immigration, relocation, tax and consulting services to companies and individuals.

We handle multinational accounts that relocate teams to more than 80 different countries, so we have seven offices in six European countries as well as global partners. Our services revolve around the client; their arrival and long-term stay at the destination.

The challenge

This was our biggest project of 2019, in which we had to relocate 71 developers working for the multinational leader in cloud applications and platforms, which was opening a new technology hub in Malaga. These relocated employees came from a variety of international destinations: the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, India and Brazil, among others.

To make things easier for our client, we set out to accommodate them all as close together as possible, even in the same building as far as that was possible.

The solution

As I said, our relocation services revolve around the client, their arrival and the stay of the relocated employees, so the epicentre is their apartment rented on a monthly basis. In Spain, as well as in other countries, Apartool is our temporary accommodation provider: it always offers us the same characteristics and conditions for booking apartments. In addition, they have complete apartment buildings that are fully equipped for the corporate traveller.

After requesting all the rooms and receiving the proposals, we organised visits to the apartments with the assignees; finally we accommodated all of them in 71 apartments located in three different buildings in close proximity to each other.

How Apartool and its technology has helped

Projects of this size or multiple individual relocations are a headache at the organisational level, and finding furnished, fully-serviced apartments is a challenge.

For us, Apartool is not only our accommodation provider, but also the aggregator and “unifier” of corporate apartments for our day-to-day business. It makes it possible for us to respond quickly, in a standardised and professional way, to all projects.

Opinión sobre el futuro del corporate housing

Corporate housing is our market. It has not stopped evolving and growing over the last few years and this positive trend can only continue.

The distances and times in the world are being steadily reduced, at the same time as the movements of teams, executives and digital nomads are becoming more common; they are going to request temporary corporate accommodation more frequently, growing exponentially.