3 hacks to save time in business travel accommodation management

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Stop waiting five days for results, reduce your booking reservation time for corporate housing to an average of 2.2 days. The search for temporary accommodation is often a time-consuming process, and as they say, “time is money.” Choosing a good partner will help simplify this process and save time.

Here are three reasons why relying on a corporate housing specialist will result in more efficient accommodations management and a time saver:

1. Booking Management

Corporate Housing Specialists will handle the search, negotiation, and booking management for accommodations. This includes finding the best options for your company’s needs, managing the booking process, and negotiating rates. This way, travel managers can save time and resources in managing temporary housing.

2. Centralized Billing

Having centralized billing for all stays in different accommodations and countries is great for efficient booking management. Receiving just one invoice for all stays and having all reservations in one platform facilitates expense management and accounting.

3. Fully Equipped Accommodations plus Utilities Included

Corporate Housing Specialists will provide fully furnished apartments ready for immediate occupancy. Additionally, essential utilities such as water, electricity, and/or gas are included, along with high-speed internet access. This way, employees can settle in without worrying about these arrangements.

In summary, choosing a Corporate Housing specialist will help you save time while searching and managing temporary employee accommodations. With services like booking management, centralized billing, and utilities included, the management of temporary housing becomes more efficient and convenient for all parties involved.

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