Corporate stays is a perfect time to unite the team

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It’s a fact: presence at work is being lost as a result of the pandemic in contrast to a few years ago, when teleworking was the exception to the rule. Being able to work remotely, which seems so comfortable to us, brings with it some drawbacks that are already being noted. The loss of corporate culture and interpersonal relationships among employees are an example.

From short trips to long stays with all the comforts

One of Apartool’s greatest challenges at the moment is to keep listening to companies and to keep working hard to find the best option for their temporary accommodation needs: More product in new destinations, more amenities and services in their apartments, better location of apartments, …

In the search for the welfare, we receive requests for long-stay accommodation where the proximity of the apartment to places of leisure and entertainment in the city is requested. In this way, companies go a little further and are currently looking for everything that people may need apart from the trip or facilities.

The well-being of the team and the experience of the stay is now added to all the comforts that a fully equipped apartment should have (equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi connection, balcony or terrace…). Thus, people can have moments to relax, disconnect and have good opportunities for team building.

The most common recreational services range from a gym or swimming pool to a spa with a sauna. However, despite the large number of leisure activities that exist, sightseeing and visiting the destination city is the most common form of entertainment and relaxation, especially if the place has charm and places of cultural interest.

The well-being of the person, now is a priority 

Workers are the most important asset that companies have and keeping them happy and motivated is one of their priorities. 

Why bet on Temporary Corporate Housing with moments for leisure?

  • It is an investment in improving working conditions.
  • Employees respond with enthusiasm, loyalty to the company and increase productivity. In fact, 93% of employees say that this type of work enriches their quality of life.
  • It nourishes the relationship between team members and professionals of the sector..
  • It’s a great opportunity to disconnect, not only during vacation periods.
  • It creates company culture, which is so affected by temporary stays outside the corporate environment.
  • There is a link between healthy living and pleasure compared to conventional business trips, since the person has more time to take care of themselves.

Summing up…

We know the importance of corporate stays for a project to be carried out and the impact they have on the lives of all the people involved. For this reason, Apartool is focusing on continuing to offer fully equipped apartments to ensure the teams all the comforts, never losing sight of requests for proximity to places of rest and leisure that companies want to have.

Finally, we believe that the state of mind of the employees and their feeling of belonging to the organization should never be neglected. In the words of the CEO of Apartool; Marc Vilar, “It is just as important to attract talent as it is to keep it, and culture is a key element in this”. He goes on to say that “culture is built on both the tangible and intangible aspects of the company, from the office itself to temporary accommodation, including relationships with colleagues.”

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