We are ready, the “new normal” is here.

Health comes first and that’s why at Apartool we are applying new measures to adapt our accommodation to the current situation.

Since the business traveler is not the only one who is concerned about hygiene and safety, we wanted to take into account all the parties involved: the traveler using the apartment, his travel manager, his booking agent as well as the apartment managers themselves.

Faced with Covid-19, the new normal has been imposed and therefore, to protect each other, both in terms of health and peace of mind, Apartool has adapted to the new requirements.



Apartool offers you

The apartment iscontactless

No reception*

It has a kitchen*

No communal areas*

Private work / relaxation areas*

*in some of our Apartool Homes

Lo llevamos a otro nivel:


 Relaxation of cancellation policies

Antibacterial cleaning in the apartments

Virtual tours / check-in video tutorials*

”Full fridge” service to avoid trips to the supermarket*

Local health guide emergency contacts and cases*

*in some of our Apartool Homes

Soluciones CovidFree en el apartamento

Welcome pack Covidfree Gel y mascarillas

Servicio de “nevera llena” Evita ir al supermercado

Guía sanitaria local Contactos y casos emergencia

Soluciones Touchless fuera del apartamento

Descuentos ‘Apartool’ en movilidad:

Servicios de transporte privado

Alquiler de vehículos

Everything under control

In addition, we have established an action protocol in the event of a client becoming Covid-positive while staying in one of our Apartool Homes, where we protect not only the affected person but also all the users of Apartool Homes in the same building.

Medida anti covid

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