Apartool FAQ

Take a deep breath and relax, here you will find what you are looking for. We collected a list with the most frequently asked questions. We hope you find it useful, and if not, we are at your full disposal for any further information you need.


I am a corporate travel agency / relocation agency or a company, and…

I do not have access to the platform yet, how can I register?

It’s very simple! All you have to do is fill out our registration form. Do so now at this link: www.apartool.com/en/agencies-clients/

I need an apartment proposal urgently; what is the average time it takes you to send us a proposal?

We always want to be your first choice when you book your accommodation and to achieve this we’ve optimized our processes to substantially reduce the time we need to find the proposals that best suit your needs. This enables us to send you a proposal in less than 24 hours for Spanish destinations and 48 hours for international or more remote destinations.

I have a request for an unusually remote destination; is it possible to get a proposal?

At Apartool we have thousands of apartments all over the world. Make your request and we’ll let you know, in less than 24 hours for Spanish destinations and 48 hours for international destinations, whether we have apartments in the desired location. As our mantra goes, no matter what the destination, Apartool has a thousand eyes all over the world!

Do you have an online catalog for exploring available apartments in real time?

We’re working on it, but for the moment we do not have an online catalog of apartments. This means that all requests are submitted under one submission. Your expert temporary housing agent will ensure that your request fits with the customized proposal that we send you. Don’t worry, trust us, we’ll find the perfect option for accommodating your client or colleague, taking into account their destination, their preferences, the people accompanying them and the type of apartment they need.

My client is relocating to Barcelona and is bringing his two cats; do your proposals include pets?

Pets are welcome at many of our apartments. This is a very important piece of information, so please always indicate in your application how many pets are coming and what kind of animal companion is coming along, whether a dog, cat or parrot. We’ll take charge of finding the ideal accommodation for your client or employee and their adorable pet.

I have a 6-month reservation; do I have to pay the full reservation fee in advance?

For your convenience we have decided not to do this. At the time of confirming your reservation we’ll ask you to pay the first monthly payment; however, for reservations of less than 30 nights, payment is in full. Once the client is installed in the apartment, we will request the prepayment of each monthly payment on the 25th of each month.

What happens if my client tests positive for COVID-19 and cannot travel to their destination?

Given the current situation, we’re all aware of the risks posed by COVID-19. At Apartool we have adapted all our accommodation proposals to make your client or colleague feel comfortable and safe. In addition, we have made our payment and cancellation policies more flexible.

What if he or she tests positive for Covid-19 at the destination?

In all reservations we recommend considering the risk associated with COVID-19 as well as the measures and restrictions taken by the governments of the various countries. At Apartool we do not accept any responsibility for lack of knowledge in this regard on the part of the client or colleague.

I need to modify/cancel my client’s/colleague’s reservation; how far in advance can I do it?

You can cancel your reservation up to 30 days prior to arrival and 100% of the amount paid will be refunded. In the event of modifying your reservation, you may do so, at no additional cost, up to 30 days in advance if the modification involves more than 7 days; if less, 15 days in advance is sufficient. If the client or employee wishes to extend the stay, please let us know as far in advance as possible.

I have a project to relocate more than 10 workers in France; do you have entire buildings to accommodate them?

At Apartool we love special tasks and we really enjoy handling big projects. We know that relocating many colleagues on a temporary basis can entail plenty of headaches. Let us tell you about a recent experience: we were contacted by a leading multinational company that needed to host 71 people in a city on the Spanish coast for a period of 1-6 months. Our solution was to have apartment buildings located in close proximity to the workplace, or at least that had good transport links, fully equipped with space for teleworking and high-speed Wi-Fi. Thanks to our management platform, we were able to provide the service and meet the desired quality and speed requirements.

My client or colleague needs to work remotely; do the apartments have a dedicated space for this and do they have high-speed WiFi?

This is essential! Today, where we live is also a center of operations and therefore having a comfortable space to work, as well as an excellent internet connection, is vital. For this reason, all of our apartments have high-speed WiFi and many of them have a dedicated space set up to be productive and efficient.

What services are included in the quotes?

Very good question! All our apartments include a weekly cleaning and bedding change, as well as 24/7 on-site assistance, utilities (water, electricity) and high-speed WiFi.

Does Apartool only have apartments in Spain?

Not at all! We have trusted accommodation providers virtually all over the world. To see for yourself, we invite you to visit the map showing our partner suppliers on our website. And don’t worry: in the event that there are no providers in the area you seek, contact us. We love special assignments and we have ample experience finding apartments all over the world.

Is billing done through Apartool or directly with the property?

Another important question! In order to offer you greater control of the invoicing, it is always done through Apartool. We make sure that everything is correct and thus avoid errors and any unnecessary waste of time.

Do invoices include VAT and local taxes?

Customer satisfaction is achieved by giving equal importance to all aspects of a reservation. Our invoices follow a streamlined and simple model, which always includes a breakdown of all taxes, making them easy to understand and review.

My client cannot pay a deposit as a matter of company policy; is it necessary to pay a deposit with each reservation?

Our philosophy is to be easy and transparent. To this end, for most of our apartments we do not ask for a deposit, barring specific cases (pets) and we always notify this in the proposal.


I am a manager of long-stay apartments, and…

I would like to offer my apartments on your platform, how can I do this?

It’s very simple! All you have to do is contact our suppliers department at the following e-mail address: supply@apartool.com; they will be happy to give you all the information you need.

I am a private owner, can my apartment be part of Apartool?

Of course it is possible! To do so, you must be able to pay 10% VAT and include the services that we guarantee to our customers. If you need more information about the VAT situation applicable to your establishment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I am a tourist apartment manager, can I be part of Apartool’s supplier network?

You can and should be. Because corporate housing is the best way to use your properties, as it guarantees reliable income in the medium and long term and ensures less wear and tear and maintenance. To work with us, we only ask you to adapt to the type of client we host and their specific needs.

I do not have access to the platform yet, how can I register?

There are two ways to do this: 1️⃣ You can request a demo of the operation and Katana utilities and the access keys through this link: https://katana.apartool.com/login 2️⃣ By contacting us by e-mail at supply@apartool.com; we will send you, as soon as possible, all the necessary information and the possible contractual negotiation.

I cannot offer weekly cleaning with linen replacement; can I be part of your supplier network?

Yes, of course! There is the possibility of outsourcing the cleaning and linen replacement; however, it will depend on the location of the property.

The apartments do not have a physical reception, is this a prerequisite to register my apartments on the platform?

No. However, what is essential for us is to have a 24-hour contact telephone number for any need that may arise.

Is it essential to have a remote working space inside the apartment?

For the time being, this is not a prerequisite. However, since this is a temporary corporate residence, we try to ensure that users always have space to work, even if they like to send emails from the sofa.

What are Apartool’s payment policies?

At the time of confirmation, the apartment will invoice the amount of the first monthly payment, and Apartool will pay the amount by bank transfer, credit card or virtual credit card. Notifying the payment to the apartment management at the due time. Subsequently, when bookings have a duration of more than one month, payments will be made regularly on the second Thursday following receipt of the invoice. If this Thursday is a public holiday, payment will be made on the following Thursday.

My cancellation and payment policies are more restrictive than those that you offer; can I still offer my apartments?

We always try to reach a middle ground with our suppliers. This means adapting our cancellation and payment policies to the way certain suppliers work, but without neglecting the needs of our type of customers and users. As 100% productive companies and organizations, their requests for extension or reduction of their stay depend on their projects and professional activities, a circumstance that obliges us to offer them more flexible policies.

I want to be able to host corporate travelers, how can I receive accommodation requests?

It will be critical to see if your properties include the services and features that Apartool’s customers need. Conditions such as: ✅Minimum of one (1) weekly cleaning service with linen replacement* ✅High-speed WiFi ✅Utilities (water, electricity and gas) ✅VAT included 10%*

At our properties we work with a monthly consumption limit; is this a problematic model for working with your type of client?

We like surprises, but not this kind. In the event that there is a consumption limit, it must be clearly stated in the quotation so that the customer can always take it into consideration.

We don’t have high speed WiFi in our properties, is this a fundamental requirement for your type of customer?

At the moment it is not essential to have fiber optics in the properties; however, we do require having optimal connectivity to be able to ensure remote working in the apartments, since it is very likely that the guest will have to put in some hours of online work.