The 5 things business travelers should consider when choosing their accommodation

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We have compiled the requirements most desired by companies for their employees’ temporary stays

Temporary corporate stays are gaining ground in more and more destinations. Many companies are looking for fully equipped flats for their employees to stay in for several months to make them feel at home.

Temporary stays are always expected to have basic supplies and a 24h assistance service to solve any incident. However, there are 5 essential services that all accommodation must include to guarantee maximum comfort for its occupants. Below you will find out what these are.

Location and type of accommodation; top of the list

Except in specific cases, apartments close to the workplace are the most sought-after. Further, it is very common for apartments to have a place with an outdoor area such as a terrace or a balcony, which is very popular amongst people who stay with pets – a type of business traveler that has increased in recent months.

Accessibility is another relevant factor when determining whether a flat is well equipped. Regarding this point, our clients request above all that the flat is located on the ground floor or, alternatively, that the accommodation has a lift. If the guest has reduced mobility, it is common for them to request a flat adapted to their needs and with suitable access for people with disabilities.

Space for Home-Office; now essential

Due to the rise of remote working, clients highly value that the apartments have a space suited for this purpose, especially if there are no offices in the vicinity. 

Therefore, the main requirements are apartments which are fully furnished with high-speed internet connection, and Wi-fi where you can work comfortably with your IT equipment (computers, monitors, keyboards…). In addition, it is now common to find ergonomic furniture that helps to maintain the correct body posture of workers.

Equipped kitchen; freedom to cook

There is nothing like being able to cook your own food to your own taste. The freedom to make our own meals in a fully equipped kitchen as if we were at home is one of the things most valued by the workers we host. Moreover, this is one of the main differences between hotels and temporary long-stay flats.

Among the kitchen appliances, it is essential to find a hob/ceramic hob, a fridge, a smoke extraction system and cooking utensils. In addition, a microwave oven is perfect for heating up food and drinks from time to time.

Cleaning and replacement of textiles; a basic requirement in every home

The cleaning of the flat and the change of sheets and towels is another fundamental factor in order to live in maximum comfort. For this purpose, flats usually have a washing machine and, optionally, a tumble dryer. If not, it is always advisable to provide users with an automatic laundry service in communal areas or the location of a nearby laundromat. 

If the client wishes, a cleaning and linen/towel replacement service can be contracted, where a specialized team is responsible for keeping the flat clean and ready at least once a week so that our clients do not have to worry about it.

Extra room: space for more people

In recent months, there has been a growing trend of a single person traveling for longer stays, especially for certain profiles.

Executives and middle managers are the employees most likely to occupy single-room flats, giving them more privacy and independence. On the other hand, if there are several workers moving for large projects, it is common for them to stay in pairs or in groups of three in different rooms.

In addition, on several occasions, clients have asked us for flats with an extra room. Normally its purpose is to be used for an eventual visit of family or friends.

Closing statement

The sector is regaining its pre-pandemic pace and business travel is intensifying. Companies are increasingly looking to accommodate their employees for longer stays, so they are looking for fully equipped flats

At Apartool, we believe that all long-term flats must guarantee minimum quality standards. Therefore, all our flats comply with our Apartool Homes label to ensure the maximum comfort of their occupants.

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