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Globalization and internationalization have allowed the trade and business market to cross borders and experience no expansion limits. This new reality makes it easier for companies to temporarily move their employees to other cities, countries and even other continents.

The transformation of Business Travel towards long stays has forced companies to look for alternative accommodation for their employees. Accommodations that offer the same comfort as a hotel at a cheaper cost.

One of Business Travel Managers’ goals is to ensure that their employees stay in a “home away from home” type of accommodation. A concept that suggests that the comfort of Business Travelers prevails as the most important value.

Increasing the use of serviced apartments, as alternative accommodation to hotels, has had a great influence on the way Business Travelers behave when booking acoommodation options.

This has transformed the way in which corporate employees travel to the point that they choose to spend long stays in apartments that are comfortable and offer the same advantages as a hotel. At the same time, this option allows them to turn this type of accommodation into the closest thing to home even when they are miles away from it.

What are Serviced Apartments?

The concept of Serviced Apartments refers to all those accommodations that offer essential hotel services such as quality Wi-Fi connection, work area or 24-hour concierge service and in addition, other essentials for this type of client, such as: regular cleaning, textile replacement, utilities such as gas, water and electricity, all included in the price. Hence, Business Travelers enjoy all the benefits of the privacy of having their own accommodation with the addition of hotel-like services.

The rise of the Serviced Apartments

When analyzing the market behavior of corporate travel, the most common alternative available was to book long periods of stays in hotels. This option did not meet the comfort requirements for such a long time away from home. Basic features such as having a kitchen equipped with appliances, a lounge area, a work desk or Wi-Fi were not considered when looking for accommodation due to the fact that it was a sector that had not yet been discovered or contemplated for short, medium or long stays.

Studies support this growth

A recent analysis of the Serviced Apartment market, carried out by the Business Travel Show in collaboration with ASAP, has shown that in 2018 corporate travelers who opted for apartments with services increased by 30%. A revealing fact that allows us to understand the progress that is taking place in the corporate travel industry towards a new vision of Business Travel. A trend focused on long lengths of stays and in apartments, which is expected to continue growing and end up consolidating as the primary accommodation for this type of client.

An opportunity for young companies in the tourism sector

In 2015, as a consequence of the current demand for serviced apartments by the corporate market, Apartool was born; which has established itself as a Long Stay B2B Provider. This company with a growing projection makes fully equipped, all included serviced accommodation easily available to BTC’s- Travel Managers, large business accounts (inplants and outplants) and Travel Producers for their most demanding clients.

Through an extensive product catalog made up of more than 15,000 units located in national and international destinations, Apartool offers apartments and villas with services such as 24-hour service, Wi-Fi and a work area in the accommodation.

Why choose a serviced apartment?

Unlike a hotel room, made up of a bed, a wardrobe, a full bathroom and sometimes a balcony or terrace, Business Travelers turn to apartments that offer services for their comfort, spaciousness and ease. In fact, when the corporate client decides to stay in apartments with hotel services, they justify this choice down to 5 reasons. In a survey made to 134 Business Travel Buyers by Business Travel Show and ASAP, the first argument, from the company, is the value for money. Second, the self-catering service; followed by the spaciousness that these units offer and lastly, the opportunity to feel and live like a local.

Apartment Vs. hotel

Business trips are precisely business related travels. Employees arrive at their hotel rooms tired after a long day at work and are only looking for rest. However, staying in hotels forces them to stick to catering schedules; there are no excuses or extensions. Apartments, on the other hand, do not have schedules or guidelines, in them, clients have the flexibility to follow the rhythm they want to follow.

Benefits of Serviced Apartments for companies

The freedom of staying in an apartment allows clients to organize according to their own needs, guaranteeing a comfortable space tailored to them. In addition, these apartments meet certain requirements to accommodate clients such as having multiple spaces with the guarantee of hotel services, some essential to the stay, like weekly cleaning with textile replacement, utilities included in the price, and 24/7 concierge. And the most important thing for Business Travel, comfortable and suitable spaces to work.

In fact, the rise and future of Serviced Apartments is beneficial for companies because choosing this type of accommodation allows them to enjoy a more profitable return of investment on the budget allocated to booking accommodation.

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