Your temporary accommodation solutions

Apartool is the temporary accommodation provider for relocated employees and teams, making life easier for Companies, Corporate Agencies and Relocation Agencies. We offer monthly rental apartments so that you can confirm and manage your reservations by standardizing the offer, payment methods and cancellation policies.

How do we work?

To book with us, the process is super simple: request, compare and confirm.

Once we receive your request, we prepare a customized online quotation in accordance with your requirements. You can compare the proposals and confirm the one that best suits you. Now all that remains is for the clients to start enjoying their apartments.

Accommodation management for large teams, stress-free

We are your temporary accommodation provider for all those clients who relocate their employees for stays of more than one month and less than one year.

In addition, we specialize in large projects that require accommodating teams for medium and long stays. Manage team stays of 10, 50 or +100 people thanks to our platform.

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