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Experience superior & customized temporary housing management for your large teams
Welcome to Apartool’s Projects, where we have revolutionized the way companies handle the challenge of accommodating large groups of workers across various locations worldwide. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless and efficient experience, all through a single channel that simplifies project management.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs

We understand and manage the complexities of a temporary workforce. Through strategic partnerships, we offer tailored, hassle-free solutions. We identify your needs and create customized plans considering location, budget, and stay duration.

Our turnkey approach covers everything from property selection to services and amenities. We negotiate the best rates and terms, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising quality. Choose Apartool for exceptional service and support. Trust our industry knowledge and commitment to professionalism and efficiency for your housing needs.

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Your Accommodation Partner for

America's Cup Barcelona 2024

As America’s Cup Barcelona approaches, Apartool is proud to announce our role as an official provider of temporary accommodation for this prestigious event. With our extensive experience in managing large groups of employees, we are dedicated to offering unparalleled support and assistance in this specific area.

We offer a range of additional support and personalized services, including:

Your Accommodation Partner for

Olympic Games Paris 2024

Apartool is providing exceptional temporary accommodation services to support companies during the Paris Olympic Games. We cater to the unique needs of organizations, ensuring seamless and comfortable stays for their teams. With our professionalism, companies can focus on their roles, confident that their accommodation needs are covered.

As part of our comprehensive approach, Apartool offers the following key features for companies participating in the Olympic Games:

We’re here to help you accommodate your group of employees around the world

If you have a large project and the challenge of accommodating a group of employees for longer than a month and you need a strategic partner as a single channel to centralize all the reservations to manage all the stays in an agile, customized, and hassle-free way, Apartool is here to help you!